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"Rain... What Rain? Just Ride!!!"

Chapter COVID-19 Guidelines

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Due to the COVID-19 imposed restrictions all remaining Chapter Meetings will be virtual over Webex.

POTM Winner

POTM Winner

Ready for Flight ~ Kendall W

Virtual Bingo

Game Two:
Monday 11/23 - G47, O63, G54
Tuesday 11/24 - O71, B6, I19
Wednesday 11/25 - N31, B7, I30
Thursday 11/26 - I17, G53, I18
Friday 11/27 - N45, O64, N38
Saturday 11/28 - N34, O61, I22


Game One: - Done
Monday 11/9 - B5, B15, G54
Tuesday 11/10 - O75, N41, B11
Wednesday 11/11 - I27, B7, O66
Thursday 11/12 - N44, N39, O67
Friday 11/13 - I26, I19, N40
Saturday 11/14 - N36, I30, G55
Sunday 11/15 - B4, I25, N45
Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!!!! Karen W.